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Product Description  Product   Product Description  Product
Hi Visi PVC coated bonding wire rope 1/8” and 3/16” size in galvanised, Stainess Steel and Copper   Refueler centrifugal pump and spares
Bonding clip hippo in brass, copper, stainless steel, chrome plated   Auto shut off fuel dispencing nozzle
Bonding clip crocodile in copper   Vane pump
Brass bonding pins   Emergency shut off knobs
Aluminium earthing plates
  Large Samplers Brand-Global Refueling Products Ltd
Hose pressure test machine manual   Dust caps for hydrant Pit
Stainless steel tube fittings valves   Stainless steel pipes
20 Litre inline Fuel Sampler Brand-Global Refueling Products Ltd   Stainless steel sencing fittings
Online In Situ pressure gauge test equipment   Victualic clamps and seals size 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 4” 6,”, 8”
Master pressure test guage 6” dial 0-200 psi , 0-300psi, 0-400ps   Dust caps for Inlet Coupler
Test pressure guage 6” dial 0-200 psi , 0-300psi, 0-400psi   Brake Interlock nozzle holders for underwing
Pressure Guages 0-150 Psi 2.5” dial glycerin filled stainless steel   Brake Interlock nozzle holders for overwing nozzle
Block out tool for HECV Testing   Complete tool box with hand tool
Aluminium swivel joint   All types of pneumatic push fitting & tube
Air regulator   Pneumatic solenoid valve
Air Filter   Pneumatic cylinder
Stainless steel / Aluminium goose neck spout for overwing refueling   Pneumatic push pull valve
67 mm flared stainless steel spout for overwing nozzle   Product recovery tank with alarm
Control panel LED lights   Electrical junction box
Cable sleeve   Cable tie
Cable gland   LED lights
Air vent 11 AV
  Pressure vacuum valve
Fusible plug and link   Expansion joint
Torque Wrench   Aluminium dust cap for sampling point
Complete seal kit for Underwing refueling nozzle, inlet coupler & hydrant pit valve     All types of tank truck fittings and vapour recovery
Spanlock type hose end fitting size 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3” and 4”   Name plates and decals
Ground Half tank unit with dust cap   Stainless steel tank for fuel transportation
Overwing refueling nozzle
  Flared spout
Overwing refueling nozzle
  Filter vessels and elements
Overwing refueling nozzle
  Three way valve for PD gauge
Pressure Relief Valve Bronze   Pressure relief valve stainless steel
Deadman control handle with pneumatic valve and air hose   Diesel transfer hand pump
Deadman control handle with Micro Switch   Calibration control panel for differential pressure gauge
Deadman control handle with Read Switch Brand - Globe Refueling Products Ltd   Pneumatic interlock couplink
Inlet trolly for coupler   Inlet hose easy lift
Deadman control Timer   Deadman timer system
Deadman control remote wireless system   Pneumatic tubing
Orange spiral suzie cable   Pneumatic diaphram pump
DMC reed proximity switch with handle   Hose protection rings size 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3”
Aluminium/Anti static ladder   Product recovery tank
Decantation Hoses with end fitting   Aviation coupling & ISO tank unit
Dry Disconnect coupling   Ball valve
Aviation Refueling Hoses size 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3” and 4”
  Aviation Refueling Hoses size 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3” and 4”
Line strainer, Box strainers and Basket strainers   Sampling point Quick release coupling
Stop watch   Tyre inflation equipment PCL
Visual Fuel Sampler   Teflon and rubber seals
Deadman spring return valve   Copper earthing bonding cable clear pvc cover & high visibility pvc cover
Earthing reel manual in stainless steel   Flow Meter
Spring return auto rewind earthing reel   Flame proof LED light IP 65
Electric motor for hose reel   EBW nozzle and spares
Redodot switch for hose reel rewind/unwind   Battery Isolation master switch
Control panel light   Pnuematic adapater for Inlet coupler sensing line
Hose reel single wrap type in stainless steel or mild steel   Show-flow
Proximity Switch for Interlock system   Stainless steel round spout
Strainers stainless steel for Overwing nozzles of any brand and type   Deadman spring return valve
Dust cap for sampling point   Rubber dust caps for sample/test point
Rubber dust cap for flared spout   Rubber dust cap Stainless steel round spout
Rubber chokes for tyres   Neoprene rubber sheet
Oil permanite gasket   High pressure pump for vehicle washing
Hydraulic crocodile jack   Air compressor
Underwing nozzle   Underwing nozzle
Greasing and oiling equipment   Underwing nozzle CLA VAL
Industrial blower   Storage racks and cabinets for staff
Hand operated pump for pit cleaning   Aviation Fuel Transfer Pump 12-24 Vlts DC
Pneumatic Tools
  Spiral hose guard
Stainless steel conical strainer   Overwing refueling nozzle
Differential pressure gauge   Differential pressure gauge
Hose reel drum type   Inlet Hose reflective jackets
Aviation Wing Mat   Bottle Jack
Complete workshop tools and tackles   Camlock coupling
Flow meter manual   Flow meter digital
Lanyard reel   Electric Pressure Test Pumps
Pit flag   Refuelling Variable Height ladders

Product Description  Product   Product Description  Product
Flame proof torch   Spark arrestor for truck
Gas mask   Sand buckets
Breathing equipment   Fire blankets
Hand held metal detector   Caution tapes
Inspection wheel mirror   Fire extinguishers
Anti Static Fluorescent apron jacket with customer logo   Safety belts and harness
Ear plugs or muff   Hand operated siren
Safety eye googles   Safety cones during refueling operations
Hand gloves   Parking road studs and Barriers
Helmet   Fire exit , No Smoking, No Mobile boards - Night Glow
Safety shoes   Cap with customer logo
Anti Static Wind sock with frame   Hazmat spill kit
Fire beater with stand   Fire extinguisher cabinet for refuelers and despencers
Anti static rubber matt   Reflective and Photo Luminisent tapes
Emergency eye and body washer   Omni Glow chemical Light
First aid box small / large   Nomex cover all Brand
Stretcher   Rainwear and Gum boats
Spark arrestor for jeep   Fire Suit
Spead Breakers   Barriers
Hand gloves electric   Multigas & Oxgen meter
Lab coat   Cotton coverall

Product Description  Product   Product Description  Product
Field Fuel Test Kit with bonding wire and stainless steel quick release coupling Option available with pressure gauge and flow control valve
  Water Finding Paste /Oil Finding Paste
Jet Fuel Test kit
  Digital continuity tester intrinsically safe
GTP – 1985 Single Membrane , GTP – 1986 Match Weight Monitor   Earth resistance tester 0-10 Ohms
GTPmini envelope record file   Sealing Plier with Customer Logo
GTP-1074 – 1 ASTM color rating booklet   Sealing wire stainless steel or galvanised
GTP – 1983 refill membrane with support pads   Lead seals square and round shaped
GTP Mark II   Sunbird Plastic seals
Stainless steel weighted all level sampler   HYDROKIT Water detection kit & fuel test kits
Stainless steel bottom sampling thief for overhead and underground tank   Plastic seals plier.
Stainless steel bottom sampling thief for barrel   Shell Water Detector
Stainless steel chain   Syringe for SWD
Cotton Nylon cord for all level sample   Iso Proply Alcohol lab grade
Aluminium container with wooden box capacity 1Ltr and 2 Ltrs   Iso Octane
Copper / Silver corrosion test bath with accessories complete set   Emery paper 150 & 240 grade
Copper/Silver color corrosion comparator   Ashless paper
Stainless steel closed cup case thermometer holder   Test tube
Wooden back cup case thermometer holder   Silicon carbide 150 mesh grains
Stainless steel bucket with bonding wire and clip   White cloth
Drager multi gas-detector   Silica gel pack
Stainless steel measure capacity 5 Ltrs & 20 Ltrs with calibration certificate   Mild steel epi coated barrels 200 ltrs
Stainless steel prover tank   Stainless Steel Drip Trays
Stainless steel funnel size 6” & size 12” with 100 mesh strainer   Dip rod for tanks and barrel
Soak matt   Glass Bottle graduated with plastic spill proof caps
Baize cloth nylon filter bags size 12” and 24” with retainer ring   Vernier caliper
Chamois leather filter bag size 12” and 24” with retainer ring   Aluminium canister
Dip tape 10, 15mtrs, 30mtrs in Mild steel and Stainless Steel   Stainless steel quality control box
Clear glass bottle with stainless steel lid capacity 100ml, 250ml, 500ml   Gloves neoprene , nitrile and leather
Density Hydrometer with calibration certificate   Lint Free cloth
Thermometer IP64C, -10 to 100deg, 0-50 deg with calibration certificate   Wire mesh 60 & 100 x 1sq.mtr
Glass cylinder for density/temperature testing   Amber color glass bottle for Microbiological Test
Glass beaker 50ml, 350ml etc   SSafcon sampler
Stainless Steel half cut barrel   ASTM standards and methods
Stainless Steel trolley for half cut barrel   Hand held digital density meter
Gas/Oxygen explosive meter with CCOE certificate   Hy-Lite Microbiological field test kit.
Digital conductivity meter   Oil Absorbents
UN Steel Drum Lacquer lined, 1A1/X1.6/600   Epi Coated barrels and cans
Desiccators   Millipore colorometric monitor and filter membrane with support pads
Aquadis capsules   Millipore filter membrane with support pads AAWP0370PO or AAWG037PO
Water finding paste   Plastic cylinder for hydrometer
Oil finding paste   Plastic box to store hydrometer and thermometer
Graduated glass jar   Complete ATF testing lab equipments
Stainless steel Thermometer Protector   Casri water detector
Stainless steel wire cage for glass bottle   Pelican Case

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