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DPW Aviation division manufactures, supply, service, imports & exports equipments and components related to aviation refueling, aviation ground handling and support. Our company is supplying quality state of the art components and equipments to all oil companies and into plane service providers in India, UAE, Afghanistan, Indonesia and Africa. We also supply products and components related to ground handling and support to our customers in India like Globe Ground Handling, Menzies Bobba ground handling & Air Sat.

DPW in joint venture with Nuova Ma Na Ro SpA has supplied 11 hydrant despencers & 01 Aircraft Refueler for its customer Indian Oil Skytanking Ltd at Banglore International Airport.

DPW supplies products & equipments to its customers of the following brands.

EMCEE Digital Conductivity Meter Trelleborg A Searle & Co
Global Refueling Products Ltd Hewitt USA FJORD
Aquadis ISOIL Industria Zeal
ASTM International Mann Tek CASRI Water Detector
Alfons Haar Meggit Fueling Components Sataam Flow Meters
Borosil Mersck Millipore Corporation  
Cla Val OPW  
Elaflex Rockwood Swendeman  
Emco Wheaton Schultz Engineered Products  
Faudi Aviation PAC  
Stanhope-Seta Aljac  
Gorman Rupp Velcon  
Treloar Gammon Technical Products  
Peco Facet International Carter Fueling Products  
Avery Hardoll American Petroleum Services LLC  


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