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Social Commitment towards the society:

Environmental concerns
  We at DPW are concerned about the serious environmental impacts on our society. We are involved in spreading awareness about environmental issues in our society. With the initiative of Mr. Yatin Managing Director of our company, we organized various programs on 5th June World Environmental day to educate the society on environmental subjects. Recently we organized Childrens painting competition in various schools for United Nations Environmental Program and free distribution of hand carry bags from recycled material with a theme on “No Plastic”
Health Concerns
  We at DPW organised several medical camps on World Diabetes Day, World Heart Day and World Glucoma day and also conducted No Smoking Campaign. The medical camps were attended by many people and it was a great achievement, satisfaction and success. We give full credit for the helping hand lended by various doctors and executives from pharma companies who impart free medical check ups and medicines as they are close friends of our company’s managing director. We have carried out free cataract eye surgery to the needy senior citizens.
  With the help and association of Easai Pharma we have organized various awareness programs for senior citizens related to Dementia and Alzheimer. With Mr.Yatin’s initiative a medical health check up Ambulance was started in our area by NGO Helpage India to conduct free health check up and give free medicines to senior citizens.
Concern towards under priviliged children
  Our company regularly donates free books to under priviliged children.
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