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Flexi Tank for fuel-water storage and transportation Brand Zodiac Aerospace   AVCAT Refueling system for Naval Ships
Working platform for aircraft   Wheel chokes
Work tables for workshops   Aircraft tyre inflator
Pumps, valves and pipes   Helicopter Blade Folding Kit
Camflauge material   Helicopter washing rig Brand DPW
Hand and special tools   Battery trolley Brand DPW
Speciality Paints, Sealents and Lubricants   Helicopter In-Flight Refueling System-Brand Zenith Avatoin
Safety products   Aircraft covers and safety flags
Transportation boxes   Fender and floats
Porta Cabin Office, Toilets, Rest House Brand DPW   Naval Diving equipments
Fire Fighting Vehicle and equipment Brand Nuova Ma Na Ro Srl   Cables and Connectors
Anti -Riot and Anti-Terrorism Vehicle Brand Nuova Ma Na Ro Srl   Survival and Life Saving Equipments
Ecological Vehicle Brand Nuova Ma Na Ro Srl   Seperation, filteration and waste water treatment
Emergency Search and Rescue Equipent   Bearings, Seals, Fastners and Couplings
Aircraft/Helicopter interior   Machined Components
Aircraft jacks   Air Blowers
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