Year 1956

DPW is born

Dharmanand Vasudev Dhargalkar who was a visionary & technocrat lands in Bombay from Goa in the year 1950 with a dream to become an Entrepreneur, works with Burma Shell and eventually starts his own engineering facility.

Year 1957

DPW commence's production

Production of pesticide/lube oil container filling machine.

Year 1975

Entry of the second generation at DPW

Mr. Deepak, son of Mr Dharmanand takes over the management of the company, having inherited the engineering skills and knowledge from his father.

Year 1993

Welcoming the third generation

Mr. Yatin, the third-generation entrepreneur and son of Mr Deepak with his exemplary engineering skills and entrepreneurship abilities commences his stint at DPW.

Year 2004

DPW becomes a Private Limited Company.

The company under Mr. Yatin’s exemplary leadership and entrepreneurship abilities scales new heights.

Year 2006

DPW explore International horizons.

Having captured the domestic arena, the company soars high in the international market.

Year 2007

Beginning of International Collaborations.

The first joint venture signed with Nuova Ma Na Ro SpA Itay.

Year 2008

Jointly we conquer.

DPW and Nuova Ma NA Ro SpA join hands and secure order for supply of hydrant dispenser’s and aircraft refuelers to Indian Oil Sky Tanking Ltd at new greenfield international airport Bangalore.

Year 2019

New avenues explored.

Joint venture signed between DPW and Q8 Aviation to explore opportunities and establishes a prime service of Into-plane refuelling services and operation/ maintenance of fuel farm facility at airports in India.

Year 2022

Sky is the limit.

Sky is not our limit; we have our eyes beyond that!!!

Values that empower our journey of growth are Trust, Respect, Integrity, Persistence, Excellence, and Customer Value.

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