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DPW has always been a leader in all its lines of business. Following a customer-centric approach and delivering world-class quality products, the company has earned itself a reputation and goodwill in the industry.

Technical inspection, repair & calibration, testing & commissioning, and periodic maintenance for all types of Aviation Refuelling Equipments like aircraft refuelers, hydrant dispensers, pit cleaners, gully suckers, and aviation fuel handling components like pumps, flow meters, filtration systems, refueling nozzles & intake couplers, pressure control valves, refueling hoses, hydraulic system, Electro-Pneumatic system, etc under annual maintenance contracts.


Technical inspection, repair, testing, and periodic maintenance for all types of Airport / Aircraft Ground equipment like GPU, aircraft jacks, blade folding kits, tire charges, Fuel and Water Bowser and Crash fire tender, etc.


Custom body repair and painting of refueling and ground support equipment like aircraft refueler, hydrant dispenser, pit cleaner, runway sweeper, crash fire tender and fuel bowser & MT vehicles & military equipment.



Refurbishment of Aircraft Refueler and Hydrant Dispenser as per the latest custom design and international standards.


Providing manpower for operation and maintenance of aviation fuel stations and fuel farm facilities.

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